GYN CAMPARI Funding Proposal

A step by step process to build a CAMPARI Compliant Funding Proposal for Business Finance

Your Five-Year, Three-Way Forecast is the foundation of your CAMPARI Compliant Funding Proposal providing all the financial information banks and lenders look for when assessing anything but the most basic of funding proposals.

The CAMPARI model (Character, Ability, Margin, Purpose, Amount, Repayment, Insurance) is widely used as a health-check for businesses when approaching a bank for lending. Helpful structure if you are applying for loans / funding. You will need robust Five-Year, Three-Way Forecast, to provide the information needed, this framework is used by many lenders.

To help you secure finance when you need it, maximising your chances of success AND guaranteeing you secure the best possible terms, the GYN CAMPARI Funding Proposal ‘does what it says on the tin’ by presenting your business case in the best possible light, giving banks and lenders the reassurance you are in absolute control of your financial management, providing them with all the information they need to make an informed decision.