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Building on the insights from ‘Financial Management for Business Owners’ let’s progress to planning a for a successful exit.

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Programme Benefits

The Exit Planning 101 program is designed to help business owners work towards a successful business exit and understand the options available to them. Here are some of the key benefits of attending the program:

  • Understanding Exit Options: Exploring the various exit strategies available, such as selling to an outside party, transferring ownership to family members, selling shares to employees, or merging with another business.

  • Valuation Insight: Offering guidance on how to value a business accurately, including understanding the factors that can influence a business’s value positively or negatively.

  • Financial Health Assessment: Helping you assess the financial health of your business to ensure it’s attractive to potential buyers or successors. This might include strategies to improve profitability, reduce expenses, or streamline operations.

  • Legal and Tax Considerations: Providing information on the legal and tax implications of various exit strategies to help owners minimise liabilities and maximize returns.

  • Succession Planning: For businesses considering an internal transfer, guidance on how to plan for succession, including training and transitioning leadership.

  • Preparing for Sale: Tips and strategies for making the business more appealing to potential buyers, such as improving business processes, customer diversification, and creating a compelling business narrative.

  • Negotiation and Deal Structuring: Guidance on how to negotiate a sale or transfer deal, including structuring the deal in a way that meets the owner’s financial and non-financial goals.

  • Emotional Considerations: Acknowledging and addressing the emotional aspects of leaving a business, including planning for the owner’s next chapter post-exit.

  • Leveraging financial data analytics and modeling: to aid in the exit planning process, offering a data-driven approach to maximize the business’s value at exit.

  • Flexible Course Schedule: The program is delivered online and consists of 12 sessions, each lasting 45 minutes, with additional time for live Q&A. This means that you can attend the sessions at your own pace and on your own schedule.

  • Valuable Resources:  The program provides you with the tools and resources necessary to improve your exit planning process.

  • Affordable Pricing: The first session is free to attend, your investment in the full program is just £297 + VAT.