Exit Planning 101

Exit Planning 101 – Helping You Prepare For A Successful Exit

A 12 Week Programme delivered live online.

Most business owners leave exit planning far too late. By the time they want or need to exit their business, there is inadequate time to prepare the business sale. This either forces them to sell the business for a lot less than they were hoping, they are forced to close the business down, some owners are forced to continue working in their business.

Working with you to develop you exit strategy

86% of owners are working hard and creating value for customers but when it comes to selling their business, the value is frequently not transferable – causing the deal to collapse or the value to plummet.

What does it mean to be 'exit ready' and why should it be a priority

This is often referred to as the 7-D’s: Deal, Decide, Distress, Disability/Disease, Disagreement (between business partners), Divorce or Death.

An estimated c.50% of business owners will be forced to exit. None of us knows when, where, who or how any of these circumstances could happen, being prepared is critical.

Together with a team of Exit Planning Experts, discover how to become ready to exit successfully, 

Each week we will focus on a different aspect of exit planning: