Improve Satisfaction, Retention, Cross Sales & Referrals

Acquisition & Retention
We are delighted to announce Enquir3 have joined the Growing Your Numbers panel of specialist advisors. Together we’ll work with businesses to improve their marketing and customer engagement activities.
Don’t be the victim of poorly executed sales & marketing strategy
Enquir3 sole focus is to support business in understanding what their customers and prospects truly value. With a focus on the B2B professional service suppliers this insight is evidenced by feedback from thousands of customer / supplier interactions, currently 36,000 and growing.
Some of the benefits delivered to businesses:
  • Increased sales to existing customers at little (or no) cost.
  • Improved return on marketing and business development investment.
  • Greater customer retention leading to improved lifetime customer value.
  • Higher quality referrals now and in the future.
  • Enhanced team engagement and motivation.
We are excited to be partnering with Growing Your Numbers. If you would like to find out more please click the link below. Improving your Sales & Marketing
Find out what your customers think today
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