Risk Dashboard

The Early Warning System for your business survival

Our software is an insightful Risk Management application that connects different information from across different parts of your organisation, helping you understand how your risk levels change as your organisation evolves. Evolving complexity in regulation, market dynamics, competitive forces and rapidly advancing technology are just some of the challenges forcing UK SMEs to consider how to best improve governance, risk and compliance (GRC). The impact of increasing statutory risk and regulatory burden to organisational resources is not sustainable, unless technology is leveraged to deliver a cost effective risk management solution. Risk Dashboard brings a holistic view of risks, integrating information and data across all levels of the business through an interactive, cloud based technology solution enabling real time risk management. With its integrated data and advanced analytics, Risk Dashboard helps leaders make insightful risk-based decisions to enhance business performance.
  • Greater risk ownership – helping you and your clients make the right decisions
  • Reduce insurance premiums – demonstrate risk mitigation and continuous improvement to reduce the cost of business insurance
  • Greater risk oversight – by execs and the board, resulting from an integrated and complete view of risk, meeting stakeholder and shareholder objectives
  • Easy to use – simple and intuitive to use. Implementation, training and support provided
  • Dynamic Risk Management – to Enhance Business Performance
Check Your Risk
Uncovering blind spots in your business which, if left un treated, could severely damage your profitability or even cause your business to shut.