STAY ahead of RISK, get the early warnings...

Learning and managing your business risk is more than just prudent, it’s essential! Discover exactly HOW in our next live webinar.

WAIT until AFTER you have addressed these matters

Get inside the mind of the lenders, BEFORE you approach them.
1.) Have you exhausted ALL options?
No, we’re not asking if you asked your Great Aunt Sally for a loan! There are sources of CASH within your business already. We’ve shown hundreds of businesses how to find cash inside their business in 30 days or less.
2.) Your BEST possible Profile?
Just like dating sites, decisions can be made on first impressions. Take steps to maximise your chances of being accepted for the finance your business needs. Check for and clear out any “skeletons in the closet.” Cash is ALWAYS available for growth of well run businesses.
No, we’re not suggesting you should try to influence your bank manager by going out for drinks! CAMPARI & ICE is an acronym used by lenders to assess applicants. Learn these factors, and ensure you are able to present all the required information, and more, in an irresistible fashion.
Our FREE Webinar will give you the knowledge you need to deal with these road blocks AND give you a clear path to secure a ‘YES’ to fund the solid business growth you can see.

Why should I attend ?

Learning never exhausts the mind, so learning and applying time honoured principles can turn your business fortunes around
During the 60 minute live webinar you will LEARN:
And when you leave you will have:
Funding is always available for the right reasons for businesses which are not only profitable, but can readily demonstate a solid business model. There is seldom one single silver-bullet solution to growing the numbers in a business. We help you uncover and address areas for financial improvement in your business.

The next LIVE Webinar is at 10:00 am Tuesday 5th July 2022

Hurry!! There are LIMITED spaces. We will show you the steps you can take to make your business more lendable.
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Our value-packed FREE webinar is a taster session of a more comprehensive Business Financial Mastery Programme, which you may choose to join now or in the future. You may also choose to engage one of our partners to help you work through matters uncovered by the webinar on a one-to-one basis, however you are under NO OBLIGATION whatsoever.
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