Meet The Team

A team of experts to help you grow your numbers

Each member of the team is committed to supporting your business growth and development. Please make contact using the links below.

Kim Lanighan | Optics Accounting

Kim is passionate about helping business owners understand and improve their numbers. Kim works closely with clients to develop an in-depth understanding of what is important to them and by introducing software to improve the efficiency within the finance function, business owners have more time to work on their business rather than in it.

Sue Penney | Penney's Accountancy Ltd

Sue’s main role is building customer relationships and sales, she is honed as the ‘Business Witch.’ She gives countless clients peace of mind and a magic wand to wave all of their financial stresses away - of which, luckily, she has several - but don’t think she won’t cast a spell on you if you don’t get your paperwork to her on time!

Sharon Hirsch | Argus Accounting

Sharon is a self-confessed screwball and accounting rebel!. She has a passion for watching her “little acorns” (clients’ businesses) grow into big trees and being a vital part of making that happen. She enjoys the bit of accounting that most shy away from: the what-happens-after-compliance accounting. The stuff that actually helps you grow, not just a tick box exercise for HMRC.

Margot Clarke

Margot provides an objective point of view, clarity, and a way forward through the numbers. She demystifies the figures behind your business to help you grow your business with confidence in its long-term viability. Margot will ensure the success of your long-term goals and any plans to sell or exit your business so that you get a return on all of the hard work that you’ve put into it!

Kevin McNulty | McNulty Business Advisory

Kevin is a Chartered Accountant working in partnership with business owners and other accountants helping them to maximise financial performance and enhance value to clients. Kevin’s extensive experience in practice and industry has shaped his practical and structured approach dedicated to helping businesses build capacity, fundraise, grow and exit successfully.

Shafiq Khan | Bloom Accounting

As your finance team, we take care of your bookkeeping and give you insight into your numbers. We'll take care of the weekly record keeping and offer advice on what the numbers mean for your business – without all the complicated accounting talk.

Michael Sparksman | VirtualFD Plus

Michael is a CIMA qualified accountant from Dublin, with extensive experience across multiple industries. At Virtual FD Plus, we’re dedicated to helping small business owners achieve a better work-life balance through expert financial management.

Michael’s personal journey from working in the electronics industry to becoming a trusted advisor in financial and management consulting supports our commitment to professional growth and client success.

Michael brings specific industry knowledge from the manufacturing and renewables sectors.

Josef Zbaraski | Blueski Financial Synergy

Josef is enthusiastic about helping business owners to understand the important numbers they need to improve their business’s financial performance.

He works closely with clients to really get what matters to them. By introducing efficient software and systems for consistent results, he aims to boost efficiency within their businesses.

This strategic approach allows owners to shift their focus from working in the business to working on the business. As a result, they can increase profits, enhance take-home pay, reduce taxes, and spend less time at work.

Jonathan Amponsah | The Tax Guys

An award winning Chartered Tax Adviser, Accountant and a Virtual Finance Director. I specialize in helping businesses owners unlock value and create wealth through a combination of financial engineering, tax optimization and value building. Having set up an accountancy practice during the 2008 recession from scratch with no clients, no contacts and no cash, to an award-winning status in 2015, I bring over 15 years’ experience in a multi discipline areas to unlock value and create wealth for owners.

Anthony Pollock | Anthony Pollock & Assoc.

I work with purpose driven business owners to grow and scale to successfully build equity value which is then realised on the sale of the business.

Chris Gascoyne | Acumist

I’ll take your accounts and the state of your business seriously as well as help you to create some compelling outcomes. You’ll get straight talking help, without jargon and delivered in an easy to understand format, probably over a decent coffee if you share my love of that particular vice! Helping business owners to create their own realities is what drives me and I will ensure that I’ll do my best to help you become successful. Let’s not forget there’s some fun to be had along the way too, once the work is out of the way!

Shirley Sebuliba (FCCA)
Vine Accounting & Tax Ltd

Chartered Certified Accountant passionate about working with ambitious business owners to help drive efficiency and profitability.

Putting you in the driver seat of your business and helping you rediscover the joy of running your business.

Dominique Viart | VFD Pro (France)

With an initial technical background, Dominique has acquired skills in sales &marketing then strategic & financial management (MBA), which he has used throughout his career. An entrepreneur at heart, he has set up and sold several companies and held senior management positions in international companies. After building technical and energy management, his "big data hobby" naturally led him to set up VFD Pro SAS, for which he primarily structures the product and service offering, before devoting himself to sales development in French-speaking markets.

Steve Duke | Duke Business Advisors (USA)

Steve Duke is a visionary entrepreneur, business advisor, and author, passionate about helping business owners unlock their full potential. With a Bachelor of Science in engineering, a master’s degree in engineering, and an MBA, Steve has a multidisciplinary background in the Corporate and SME business world. that lays the groundwork for his future endeavors as a business leader, owner, and advisor. He started and sold a marketing services business and was a leader in a consumer products start-up that gave him firsthand insight into the challenges and opportunities small business owners face. Motivated to help business owners thrive, he developed The RoC Architecture System–a holistic approach to building a valuable business as a means of achieving your financial and personal aspirations. The Purposeful Business Owner System™ is detailed in Steve’s book – Failure to Exit! Build Your Valuable Business, The Path to Your Financial and Personal Goals. Steve’s focus areas include working with business owners on business growth, exit planning and M&A.

Gaye Prime | VFD Pro Ltd

Gaye has many years’ experience in industry leading business as a general manager and as a finance director at board level. Gaye has a proven track record of building teams to deliver strategic objectives within highly competitive, diverse business sectors and business structures including large global corporates and SMEs. Gaye’s passion is your success: “there is no greater reward than to see the team realise their own potential".

Cliff Spolander | Business By Design

Business By Design came into being through sheer frustration at seeing so many business owners being unable to exit their business successfully, leaving them with very few choices at the end of their business journey.

Neil Campbell | Risk Dashboard

Neil works with business owners to deliver Risk Management services, including; Risk Audits, Stress Testing, Case Management delivery, Business Referral Strategy and Increased Profitability.

Daniel Plowright | Enquir3

Daniel helps business owners unlock the 'life time value' of their customers. Focusing on your customer segmentation, value proposition supported by a thorough 'gap analysis' Daniel will help you identify where your efforts will yield the greatest returns.

Sanjay Shah | Smart Advisory Solutions

An expert business advisor and leader combining main board level experience with a proven track record of delivering results and growth. As an experienced Chartered Financial Planner I use cashflow modelling software to help business owners better understand their personal “number” thus providing more confidence in the sale of their life’s work.