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For all of us in business, we are all going to exit at some stage, it is as inevitable as death and taxes. 

The only question is how we are going to exit, and when are we going to exit. 

Just like buying a car, there are two parties to every transaction, the buyer and the seller, and the process is not dissimilar – whatever the objectives of the seller, the buyer will always want to minimise the risk of ending up with an expensive liability. 

With a car it is relatively simple, we just want it to be reliable. 

Many buyers will employ a professional to ‘kick the tyres’ with as many as 206 checks, as in the case with one of the best-known pre-purchase inspection providers.  Others will go even further, with a total of 307 checks. 

With a car, whether you are the buyer or the seller, you both want the same thing…   

A reliable car in good condition, that won’t let you down, and it is the same with your business, so let’s pause for a moment to think about that in more detail. 

With a car, so long as you put the fuel in, keep it MOT’d, taxed, maintain it and pay the occasional repair bill, life is simple, and with a modern car you should be able to look forward to years of relatively trouble-free motoring. 

If at some point you decide you want something different, you can always sell it relatively quickly and easily. 

So, what about your business?   

As an owner you probably want all of this, who wouldn’t?   

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A buyer is looking for the same thing as you?  A stable, profitable, risk-free business, with predictable cash flows that are not dependent on key individuals, INCLUDING THE OWNERS THEMSELVES… 

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