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Exit Planning Session 9: Funding & Exit Planning

Empowering Your Business Journey with “Funding & Exit Planning”

In today’s competitive business landscape, strategic planning and sound financial management are critical for a successful business exit. The “Funding & Exit Planning” session from the Exit Planning 101 program, offered by Growing Your Numbers, exemplifies this principle. This comprehensive session provided attendees with essential knowledge and actionable strategies to secure funding and enhance their business’s exit potential.

What Makes This Session Essential?

Thorough Preparation

  • Emphasised the importance of meticulous preparation to enhance credibility and inspire confidence in potential investors and lenders.

Optimising Working Capital

  • Focused on managing working capital efficiently to ensure business sustainability and facilitate growth.

Understanding Types of Funding

  • Explored various funding options, including secured and unsecured bank funding, and the importance of leveraging current assets.

Accurate Business Valuation

  • Highlighted the significance of sustainable EBITDA, realistic growth prospects, and quality management in business valuations.

Crafting a Robust Funding Proposal

  • Detailed the components of a comprehensive funding proposal, including financial performance history, SWOT analysis, and detailed financial forecasts.

Building Relationships with Lenders

  • Stressed the value of early and regular engagement with lenders to build strong, supportive relationships.

Exploring Exit Strategies

  • Discussed different exit strategies such as industry sale, management buyout, and passing the business to family members, evaluating the pros and cons of each.

Financial Assessment for Debt Servicing

  • Explained the focus on cash flow available for debt servicing (CFADS) and the importance of detailed financial projections.

Comprehensive Business Planning

  • Encouraged the development and regular review of a detailed business plan that aligns with current and projected business valuations and risk management strategies.

Why You Should Not Miss Future Programs

Tailored Learning Experiences

  • Each session is designed to address the unique challenges faced by contemporary businesses, ensuring relevant and actionable learning.

Expert Guidance and Insight

  • Gain wisdom from seasoned professionals who provide both theoretical knowledge and practical, actionable insights.

Networking and Community Building

  • Connect with like-minded business owners to share challenges and strategies in a supportive environment.

Focused on Comprehensive Development

  • From financial management to strategic exit planning, our programs cover all essential areas to ensure you’re prepared for every business phase.

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