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Mastering Business Finances: Essential Questions for Every UK SME in 2024

10 focus areas for your business finances in 2024

As we navigate through the uncertainties and opportunities of 2024, UK SMEs must stay vigilant and proactive in managing their finances. At Growing Your Numbers (GYN), we understand the complexities and nuances of financial management that businesses face today. Let’s explore some essential questions that every SME should be asking to ensure financial stability and growth.

#1 Understanding Business Growth Drivers

Do you know what propels your business forward? Identifying the key drivers of your business growth is crucial. This involves understanding and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) and being aligned with your management team on these metrics. Regularly reviewing past performance can offer insights for future growth strategies​​.

#2 The Significance of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Having the right KPIs is fundamental to making informed, data-driven decisions. Are you receiving financial and management reports timely? Do they guide your strategic decisions? Remember, effective management reporting can unlock financial intelligence essential for your company’s growth​​.

#3 Optimising Your Accounting System

Is your accounting system tailored to your needs? A smart back office can ensure relevant data is integrated into your accounting system efficiently, leading to more meaningful and timely information. Embracing modern accounting solutions can be a game-changer for your business​​.

#4 Cash Flow Management

How well do you manage your cash flow? Understanding the difference between profit and cash flow is vital. Analysing where your cash is tied up – be it in inventory, fixed assets, or receivables – is key to making informed decisions about investments and spending​​.

#5 People and Profitability

Have you considered how your workforce impacts your profitability? Assessing the productivity of your team and aligning it with your business strategy can significantly boost your profitability. Engaging and investing in your employees can yield substantial returns​​.

#6 Focusing on Employee Performance Metrics

Are you tracking the right metrics related to your employees? For service-oriented businesses, employee performance directly impacts profitability. Keeping an eye on people KPIs can help you make strategic decisions to enhance performance and profit margins​​.

#7 Budget Review and Revision

Do you regularly review and adjust your budget? Mid-year is an ideal time for this. Analysing income changes, gross profit targets, and overhead costs can provide critical insights for course corrections and strategic planning​​.

#8 Evaluating Client Relationships

Should you reconsider some of your client relationships? Not all clients contribute equally to your business’s success. It’s crucial to assess whether some clients are more of a burden than a benefit and make hard decisions if necessary​​.

#9 Setting and Reviewing Business Goals

Do you have clear, written business goals? Setting and regularly reviewing your business goals can align your team’s efforts with your company’s strategic direction. This alignment is essential for business growth and employee engagement​​.

#10 Balancing Personal and Business Priorities

As a business owner, how do you balance your personal and business goals? Ensuring that your personal well-being is not overshadowed by business responsibilities is crucial for overall success​​.

In conclusion:

Navigating the financial complexities of 2024 requires SMEs to ask the right questions and make informed decisions. At Growing Your Numbers, we’re equipped to guide you through these challenges. Utilising VFD Pro’s comprehensive reporting suite, we provide the insights and support needed to thrive in today’s dynamic economic landscape.

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